Unique qualities human's Express

by Gabby Giddings

This painting portrays humans natural instinct to come together as one. We as humans want to be together and enjoy the positive energy of one another. Here, the people are dancing and socializing.
Here there is a lone female who wandering a flower field on her own. Although humans need to have the presence of others, there are times where we need to have a time for themselves to gather thoughts
The group of people below the bridge to me are admiring the fantastic structure. Humans enjoy appreciating their own creations.
Here I see what appears as a couple or two people who have a relationship. They wander through the undergrowth that creates a setting for them to bond and experience together.
This painting exemplifies humans working in shifts. Through time we have formed efficient methods for labor. The men laying down are recovering so they can replace those who are currently working.
To me, this painting represents relationships. People are naturally drawn to having a creature to call "friend" or even family. The bird signifies the woman's desire for a companion.
Every human has a different amount of power that they obtain. Some are naturally more prone to taking lead and others are meant to be led. Here we clearly see a woman in power with others catering to her.
In the instinct of leadership, humans have formed different religions. Religion provides a greater power that will always be there to lead.The man in old clothing is in seek of help or forgiveness.
In this painting, I notice the feeling of envy. The girl on the left peers deeply out of jealously towards the woman on the right. Human's instinctively admire and have the desire to be alike.
Credits: All media
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