Here you will find a gallery of black and white, historical photos that I really like. 

I chose this one because first of all, it's a picture that was brilliantly taken by Carl Mydans. It's a portrait of an old Vietnamese woman and her grandkid back in 1968, which was war time.
The reason why I chose this is because it's a picture about an important event that was happened in 1944.
This is a portrait of a French jurist in 1968. The thing I love about this picture is the out of focus element. It's creamy.
What I love about this picture is the contrast and the historical event in 1968. The composition is good too.
The contrast of this picture is the thing that got my attention.
It's a picture portrays a reunion. It shows the love between the man and the child. It's heartwarming and historical.
Again, the thing that got my attention is the historical element of the picture. Thanks to these photographs that I know more about the past and appreciate the life that I'm living.
It's a picture of a picture of an event that happened in my hometown. I like it not just because it looks cool but also because it shows me what really happened back then.
It's another brilliant picture by Martha Holmes. This shows a daily life of a typical family back then. We can look at it and make a comparison with today's family life. It's changed a lot since 1945.
Another Vietnam War picture that was taken by Carl Mydans in 1968. The composition in this one got my attention.
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