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Ham, Myung Su reveals a unique perspective on modern city life. Towing skyscrapers amongst the melding light of urban culture brings contemporary art to life. This collection showcases the masterful skills of Ham, Myung Su by highlighting organic round lines and three-dimensional space as mean to promulgate the spirit and movement of metropolitan civilization in the 21st century.  

Ham, Myung Su integrates soft, wriggling, and curved lines that imply movement and rhythm. The flow of the lines migrates throughout the painting producing an animated environment. Furthermore, form and three-dimensional space generates a stimulating experience that allows the viewer to grasp the depths and intensity this city beholds. All of these elements are complemented by a contrast of bright and dark vibrant colors, which builds upon an already dynamic impression.
Vertical lines play a large role in enhancing the towering skyscrapers and focusing the viewer’s eye to following the flow and rhythm produced by the wild and skirmish brush strokes. The illogical lines and analogues color scheme of red, orange, and yellow produces a playful and refreshing approach as a means to reflect a spirited urban culture.
Ham, Myung Su incorporates a contrast of both vertical and horizontal brush strokes, awaking this piece with an illusion of evolving motion. The architecture and overall structures defy the laws of physics and bring about a bold new perspective. The bustling of the city is mirrored not only by the streaming lines but also by the subject matter, such as the buses and cars rolling through the highways or the splashes of bright circles enlightening the backdrop.
Ham, Myung Su uses an analogues color scheme of purple, blue, green, and yellow hues to make a city of the night come alive. The contrast of the dark skyscrapers against the bright hustle and bustle of the yellow street lights makes for a festive city. Ham heightens this theme through soft wiggly lines and freeing brush strokes.
Ham, Myung Su implements the colors of the sunset to generate a serene yet active scene. Traffic packs the streets and tall buildings overlooks the energetic behavior of the city as the spectacle below unfolds. Chaotic brush strokes fill the painting only to merge into one harmonious rhythm. Flickers of various colors caresses the environment bringing about a feeling of diversity and enchantment of urban life.
The bright and animated streets wind through the dark night minded by the soaring high-rise structures. Organic round lines curve to the flow with the nimble city and evoke vigorous movement. The streets interconnect and emerge into a bridge that hovers above calm and lawless bodies of water. Ham, Myung Su plays with form to create a three-dimensional space into a more dynamic experience.
A monochromatic color scheme of blue hues fill the night sky and cityscape, it’s only subtly affected by modesty spots of yellow splotches to create a limited contrast. Additionally, an aerial view of the city creates intense depth and highlights the morphed movement of urban life conceptualized below. This concept is also displayed by the curved and untamed brushstrokes.
A first-person view high above the city reveals a unique perspective of the urban culture beneath unfolding into abstract expressionism. Buildings are displayed in various angles and are made visible through vertical organic lines. As the lines climb towards the viewer the depth and expansiveness of the city is unveiled. Shadows of the towing skyscrapers complement the lighting derived from the bright sun. Hints of realism are fused with impractical and creative attributes.
The black night encases the dark buildings, which are then highlighted by the bright lights bouncing off the surfaces of the lively city. The lights playfulness entice the city to life and illuminate its proactive statues. A commuter railway bolts through the winding city and is enhanced by movement of the curved lines. All the while form provides vivid deepness of depth and space.
The contrasting vertical lines generated by massive sky-rises are heightened by a horizontal foundation. The green grass is integrated into the stark dark buildings illumining light. Three-dimensional form brings the environment into perspective revealing the dynamic scene. Organic wiggling brush strokes bring the theme into one harmonious piece illustrating movement and rhythm demonstrated in metropolitan culture.
Credits: All media
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