Birth and Death of Cow

The following gallery depicts the life and times of present day cattle. By analyzing a cow's life cycle, spanning from birth to death, the purpose of this project is to communicate the factors contributing to their emotional state. Taking the perspective of the cow, it is possible for the viewer to empathize with them. In a world where cows are dominated by humans, it is important for us to understand their experiences. What would it feel like to be a cow?

The relationship between humans and domesticated cattle begins at the Farmyard. Humans gain trust of cattle by supplying them with basic needs. However, cows are displaced from their natural habitat.
The cows shown here graze in their natural habitat, left alone by humans. The cows turn their back on the viewer, signifying a lack of interest in human interactions. Their lack of free will poses moral dilemma on human exploitation of other mammals.
This piece of art represents a drover moving livestock away from the city and into what seems to be the country. The cattle follow without contention. This is reminiscent to slave herder work in the United States around the same time in history. In a sense, the cattle are like slaves, out of control of their destiny.
In contrast to the previous image, this artwork shows free, horned cattle drinking water from a watering hole. As pictured, the moon is just after its new moon phase. Farmers would typically dehorn their cattle round this time of the lunar cycle to promote cellular healing.
The death of the cow is not a pleasant sight. Pictured here is a slaughterhouse that brutally depicts the taking of cattle's lives for human consumption. The death of cattle could be viewed as undeserving and cruel, as it could be justified by the importance of human survival. What distinguishes a human's life from a cow's life?
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