In this art collection I chose art pieces and art paintings. Most of this art represent the connection I have with art. They represent my feeling and much more. Art can transmit things you can't share its a communication between you and art, for things you feel but don't want to say you feel. They share a common theme, their color. 

I love architecture. This sculpture reminds me of my country, Ecuador. I studied architecture in Ecuador. The simplicity and the use of simple yet elaborate colors make this sculpture amazing.
Modern art, in this art pice we can se pop art made with spray pain. Street art brings out amazing perspectives. I can see this women looking away and moving away. The colors are simple.
You can appreciate this amazing painting for its complex geometry composition. Its a complex composition yet they use simple geometry in order that makes it complex. The colors are complementary.
This chair shares complementary colors. I can perceive a fight between stone age development and modern development. The stone is fighting yet it has lost, it has not only lost, but it adapted to survive.
One simple color. A linear composition. Their is a disturbance in this linear composition, the triangles. Its all straight lines intel you see the triangles yet it doesn't lose its linear balance.
In this art piece we can see the colors, how they blend in. I love this art piece because is just how i feel. Its a feeling of anger and sadness. We can see the sadness in the tears of the paint.
Its just beautiful. The colors merge into another creating a group composition. The simplicity of the geometric shapes create a even feeling. Its relaxed yet exited. Not weak yet not strong.
The colors in this art piece are very realistic. They are colors that make it look real. From the darkness of the colors it tries to be a new radio but the darkness keeps it old
I chose this art piece because of the resemblance of the yin yang. I can feel a deep fight as well on the yin yang. But in this one their is no neutrality the fight is still one, like my life.
This painting was made from Ecuador, my country. This is a lost composition. It is simple and this makes it look like a bad and weak composition. Like our country. Our country is weak and going through bad times.
Credits: All media
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