Cats have long been a part of human life, and as such are incorporated in many art works. They are seen as idols, companions, or even symbols, and still today have ingrained themselves within popular culture. 

Here we have a cat, a symbol of turmoil, overturning the hens nest of chicks. This greatly captures the sense of false security: with one flick of a curious cats paw everything falls into chaos.
In this family portrait a kitten is also present. Either the artist or the family had thought it was important to incorporate the family pets into their portrait, showing us how much they cared for it
Here two cats are playing. The artist has taken notice of the cats reflexes and climbing skills, and much detail has been added to this simple inking of cats at play.
In Ancient Egypt, it is known that cats were worshiped. This scene depicts a burial shine for a cat, and what the artist believes would be a good representation of its use.
Another example of cats as our companions, these men are pleasantly looking upon the little kittens as they play.
A humorous sculpture of a mother cat seemingly about to spank a naughty kitten. The cats have become more humanized so that we might relate, because even mother cats must discipline their children.
Although this painting was made in 1906, there are many of us that can relate to this picture now. a little girl playing with cats is a sweet image, and further relates them to us as out companions.
An abstract painting of a cat in a cubist style. The artist took care to try to break down this cat into its pieces, forming it back together to reveal that it is nothing more than a sum of shapes.
A port in Greece is where many cats make their home. This shows us the more natural side of cats, those who live wild but peacefully and in conjunction with humans, although not necessarily as pets.
Here there is modern street art of a cat. The cat has very contrasting bright eyes against his dark fur, and yet the artist seems to merely say "cats are lovely."
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