Art Echo of the Color Red

A collection various art works and story tellers.

The red color shows depth, passion and cheerfulness. The color values of very well put together and the contrast of the dark and light colors are well put together.
The bold use of the red color emphasize passion and depth. The use of light composition and textures gives a realistic detail to the painting.
The use of red in the portrait draws attention to the flag. The very sharp detail is realistic with the good use of color.
The red color used in this royal painting is centered on Saint Gervase. The attention and details of the painting is directed reflected to the saint. The color values and composition of light to dark.
Color values, atmospheric perspective, and texture has brought this painting to life. The subtle colors with the use bright red draws the eyes.
Paints Pres. George Washington at age six chopping down a cherry tree. "I cannot tell a lie". line perspective, rich color composition, and grass+bush pointillism. The red color coat shows depth.
This water color over pencil. Line perspective, color value, and texture makes it life like. Notice the red colored flowers that draws your attention to the window, gives a romantic scene.
Atmospheric perspective is used, slightly high color, and light values. The red color is used to highlight a small group of people to the masses in the portrait.
It is as if the lake is moving with what little light is striking it. Color composition, and color values create a peaceful vision. The light tones of red brings light into the portrait.
The dark color composition allows for light values and details to stand out including the fisherman in the red jacket, the white sails and the sand.
The portrait is composed of different hues of the color red. The different values of red brings passion and different atmospheric depth and distance.
The red color directs focus to the Indian warrior. The war paint and feathers represents the hunt.
The color of red is used in the bandana on the cowboy, and the quilt on the horses back. The portrait depicts the wild west, with neutral colors tones around the pack.
The natural forest setting of the fall season is highlighted with the red burst of color of the tree leaves. Atmospheric perspective creates distance. The color values of light and dark tones.
See how the mother and her three kids grab attention with a vibrant red. The surrounding colors are some what dark neutral providing contrast. Perspective work allows the space in room to look big.
Credits: All media
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