ART 110 - The Illusion of Space

Space, the final frontier

The figures loose detail as they are represented farther back. One point perspective is also used to make things seem farther away.
The line of travelers get smaller and go farther up the page as they get farther away. The tree is closer and thus bigger then the travelers.
Scale and vertical position are used to convey space. SO it over lapping.
'Still Life of Fish and Cat' uses overlapping to show that the cat is in front of the raised plate of fish in the back and in front of the one fish on the table.
The use of the shadow of the Merchant on the back wall helps promote the idea of space in this picture along with overlapping.
This picture shows no depth beyond the fact that you can tell which legs are in the back and the front. There is not background to speak of beyond the blue cracked tiles. There is foreground.
This piece by Vincent van Gogh displays 2-point perspective with the point being on the nearest bed post.
Atmospheric perspective helps the Taj Mahal look farther away from where we are in the picture.
Negative space creates an optical illusion in 'Kiss The Baby Goodbye' by Michel Parekowhai. Your eyes complete the line as if the black and empty space were connected.
Credits: All media
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