Natures Pretty Colors and Trippy Lights

The California Spring by Albert Bierstadt, much like most of his work makes full use of luminism and positive and negative space to draw attention to the cows and tree in the picture.
Bierstadt does it again with his majestic capture of the scenic Yosemite Valley. The progressive brightness of the light creates depth, whole the shadows add sense of tranquility.
Bierstadt is a true genius in capturing the beauty of nature. Again he uses Luminance, this time the light shines from above giving the lake a glassy shine and emphasizing the majesty of the mountains
peering from above the scene this illustration makes the journey to Donner LAke seem like a worthy one. Blurring the lake itself leaves the message that it is impossible to capture the lakes majesty.
Did i mention i love Albert Bierstadt? in this particular image, no detail is left unnoticed. Seeing this in real life would leave me in a state of paralysis and visual ecstasy. So, much, contrast.
Another mojestic painting of the Yosemite Valley, the yellow tone of the painting creates a sense of an ending day. The deer get a final drink before the night.
Wonderful painter Thomas Moran turns the sea in to stained glass, the sun is much like a heavenly laser beam with the spiraling clouds and contrasting darkness on the right adds to the effect.
Thomas Moran again uses cool colors to to crate positive negative space driving the green fields in to focus
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