This gallery consists of pieces of artwork that are mainly focused on religious subject material.  The time periods of the artwork within this gallery ranges throughout history.  The sculptures and paintings featured in this gallery come from many different mediums.  I chose these pieces of art because I felt as though they represented the religious beliefs of the artists.

This sculpture portrays the moon god from ancient rome. In the sculpture you can see the god riding a horse. The rider of the horse seems to have a warrior outfit on with large pointed shoulders. The sculpture relates to the theme because it is portraying a god in ancient Byzantine times.
This piece of art was done with black chalk. It portrays the God of christianity. This piece was created in Italy. It shows a man holding a ball that has a cross on the top of it. The man is suppose to be God, and he is standing looking down. It appears he is looking down at the world as if he is in the clouds. The foreground and background entails that he is in the clouds because of all the whirls and fluff looking textures.
This statues portrays the god Ptah. Ptah is known in the Egyptian culture as a god of architecture and craftsmanship. The sculpture is a human looking figure with a long beard and a bald chin. The Egyptian designs can be found on Ptah's shoulders, which was probably an Egyptian shall or dress.
This sculpture was made out of quartzite and depicts the Egyptian god Osorkon. Osorkon personifies the Nile River which is sought to be sacred in the Egyptian culture. The statue shows an egyptian with a head dress standing over what looks to be a podium of some kind. The quartzite gives the sculpture a nice light brown coloring. The sculpture features some nice elaborate designs on the podium that look like Egyptian hieroglyphics.
This sculpture portrays the God of wealth in Japanese culture. The sculpture shows a man sitting down in a long shall. The feet are sticking out in front of him and are bowed out. The shall is a rich yellowish, brownish color. The sculpture shows a man with a mask that looks like the Japanese drama masks that they use for plays.
This piece of art shows 3 woman-like figures painted in yellows and browns with their arms widespread. Some more arms are branching out from the sides, portraying that there are more people. A sun is sitting at the bottom of the picture with what looks like water behind it. The painting relates to the theme of religiousness because the woman-like figures are personified as the morning stars. It is believed that stars are distant gods and kingdoms.
This painting portrays the religious beliefs of christianity. It displays a man with an angel behind him as he kneels at an alter. By the alter are four angelic children dancing about the top of the picture. The man looks to be praying for his deceased children, or praying to have more children. The details within the alter are very elaborate.
This sculpture looks as if it was a monkey like human being. The figure is standing on a textured bar and raises up to a monkey-like head. It appears as if a tail is seen between the legs of the God. The hands are on the hips of the figure and a big smile is seen on the face of the God portrayed.
This piece of art is extremely elaborate. The main image of the piece shows a woman who is surrounded by hands. Toward the top of the piece the hands appear to be turning into snakes. At the bottom of the piece it looks as if there are several deceased children sprawled over the Goddess portrayed in the picture.
This painting portrays Jesus Christ who is a main part of the religious beliefs of Christians. In the picture Mary the Virgin is being prayed over by Jesus Christ and what appears to be God. The picture takes place in the clouds where it is believed by some that Heaven is.
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