art with a message 

This art work was created by Swoon on 1187 rua joao moura street, Sao Paulo, Brasil. He started this artwork in 2011 and end it in 2013. He created this by carving in linoleum and then gluing it on a piece of wood. The subject mater is wet paste. The dress of this women is made out of ocean objects. The bottom of the dress is like the water in the ocean. In the middle of her stomach area is a sting ray and on her chest is crab legs. The little objects are the seahorses, fish, jellyfish, little crabs, and corals. The message of this work is that there is a lot of polluting in the oceans which is harming the animals. Also it tells us that sea animals are more important than what we think. It seems like she is very powerful and almost like she is part of the sea and like she is protecting it from all of the harm. During this time that this artwork was created, there was an increase in problems in water polluting in coastal cities, which included Sao Paulo. 

Credits: All media
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