motion expression - color of play

Different color expresses different motion. There are a lot of masters like use color or warm, or interesting color to help to expresses their mood. Those pictures also bring different motion to the audiences.

Those color are very colorful and Deborah Bell used a lot of complementary color. Those color shows the scene was kind of dirty, but full of passion and vitality.
Frederick used cold color for the snow scene. However, I noticed that he used a warm, kind of orange or yellow painted for the whole picture first, The warm as the basic color. It shows a warm city.
The color gives me a very happy feeling. I can feel that Os is a very playful and funny person.
This one doesnt shows too much color, but I like it as a sketch. Those color it only has distinguished the closer scene and far.
The Scream has very strong color. The bright warm color with the dark or wired cool color makes people feeling depression. Like there are a wall between heart and outside.
The painting used blue, green and yellow. Those color makes me feel relax. It looks like a good weather. A summer with relaxing wind.
This painting seems like the beginning of the day. Dawn. It is a very beautiful scene. The color gives me a peaceful and warm feeling.
This color of the painting makes me feel like in a spring. red or pink flowers, green plants, and dark blue revers.
It used a very strong color. Tibet used red with blue and a little bit lack. Red gives me a feeling that easy to get angry and powerful.
This is an other scene painting. Canaletto used a lot of blue in the painting. Generally to say. I feel the scene of the painting shows that it is a very easy to rain city.
Rippl used a lot of blue on the painting. The color makes me feeling the women in the picture is a mysterious women.
Death and Life. Very obviously, the left part of the picture expresses death and right one shows life. Not just which material Gustav used, it also shows in the color.
This painting as another painting f Kano Hideyori. It gives me a feeling of spring.
This is a very interesing picture. For me, the color and the texture makes me feel funny and happy.
From the color to say. This painting gives me a little bit cold feeling. It looks like the sun is falling and people needs to back home.
This building used very colorful window. It gives the boring building a vivid feeling
Even though the painting used different color, it still gives me a routain life.
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