Joanna's First gallery 

This is a gallery depicts the way artists wanted to keep and enjoy the natural beauty expressed in 19th century American Romanticism.    

This picture shows the simple way of life before the industrial revolution.
This picture express the anger of mother nature, and what will happen if the world continues to change so rapidly.
This painting showed the simply elegance of this country, before factories and industry became overwhelming.
I liked this painting for its simplicity. This painting has obviously brush strokes, yet still look likes the sunset.
This artist name this "Man Fishing", to show how nature can be beautiful if you let it.
This painting is more personal because I have amazing memories when I visited the Redwood Forest.
This painting has a religious element to it. The light in the background illuminating the whole piece, is in a way God, and his way of opening the heavens.
This painting, similarly to the other painting by Albert Bierstadt has a religious aspect.
In this painting I like the use of soft colors and the way the the observers attention is directed to the rainbows.
In this painting the artist uses luminism; this meaning that the brush strokes are less present and makes the image more like a photo.
I like this painting for the detail the artist puts into each flower and makes them more beautiful.
I like the way this painting shows the whole landscape to express the endless American prairies.
This image shows the norm for the jobs of men and women in this time period.
This picture incorporates human civilization and mothers natures beauty.