Little Women                    by Louisa May Alcott 

Your docent is Maggie Fralin 

Epigraph- "Go then, my little book, and show to all that entertain and bid thee welcome shall, what thou dost show them may be blest to them for good, may make them choose to be pilgrims better, by far, than thee or me. Tell them of Mercy; she is one who early hath her pilgrimage begun. Yea, let young damsels learn of her to prize the world which is to come, and so be wise; for little tripping maids may follow God along the ways which saintly feet have trod." Adapted from John Bunyan I think this epigraph was chosen for this book because it illustrates the lifesytle and characters of the young sisters, Beth, Amy, Jo, and Meg. The sisters are pilgrims, and I think the epigraph represents how they never lose sight of their beliefs and what's important, no matter what obstacles they face as they learn to become little women. The stamp shows all of the sisters together, reading a precious letter from their father, who's fighting in the Civil War.
Universal Themes- I believe that the universal themes in Little Women are family, love, and pride. The March family supports and cares for one another on an unbelievable level. When their father is away fighting in the Civil War, every one of the sisters step in to fill his place and help their mother. The family is not very wealthy, but they find that their love and happiness is more valuable than any amount of money. Despite how different the four sisters are from one another, they all are brought together by love. This picture illustrates the closeness, support, and bond between the sisters.
Tone- The tone of this book is jovial because of the happiness of the sisters and adventures that continuously delight them. No matter what setbacks or misfortunes that occur, the sisters always find a way to bounce back from them and enjoy their lives. I chose this picture because I thought it represented the sisters' style in Little Women, and shows how how every one of the sisters, no matter what age they are, has a little bit of child and free spirit in them.
Historical Setting- This story takes place during and after the civil war, through the years of 1861-1876. The March family lives in a small house in a New England town. I chose this painting to represent the historical setting in the story because I thought it displayed the landscape of New England, and how calm and simple it was to live there.
A Day in the Life- I chose this sculpture of a Civil War General because I thought it represented both Mr. March, who is fighting in the Civil War in the beginning of the story, and Jo's character. Jo stands out from every one of her sisters by being the only tomboy, and having the most unladylike character. She thinks of herself as the man of the house when her father is away, and is constantly reminded by the rest of her family to try and act more mature and like a woman. Jo's boyish behavior isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, because it allows for her to care for her family and be independent in a whole different way compared to her sisters.
Connection- I made a text-to-self connection when reading about Jo's character. When I understood that Jo was the one sister in her family who stood out among the others in a way she couldn't help, I immediately compared her to how I stand out in my family. I am the only member of my family who is a soccer player, while everyone else is either a musician, or actress and dancer. I chose this dove because I felt that it represents both Jo and I's characters, and how we have a free and independent component to us. Jo is also strong, passionate, stands up for what she believes in, and doesn't let anyone control or discourage her, and I thought this dove represented this also.
Mandala- This tile collage displays Jo's creativity and uniqueness. You don't always know what to expect from her, and her ideas and actions are sometimes all over the place, like this collage. She loves writing, and she always comes up with imaginative and exciting stories. I chose this collage to represent her because I thought it symbolized how intelligent and extraordinary she is, and how her independence and the way she stands out from her sisters is the main factor to her character.
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