You Had Me at, "Hello"

Art that speaks to me.  I find meaning in most of these, as I am able to relate them to my personal life.

I love the history of World War II and this piece highlights Japanese forces. The colors immediately spoke to me, as did the military style trucks. In the bottom right corner of the piece, there are civilians watching as the trucks seem to roll by. This shows that the Japanese did not try to hide their presence in Manila. A powerful reminder of the large scale of the war.
This piece grabbed my attention immediately! The first thing I was drawn to was the contrasting colors that allowed the military man to really be highlighted. Then, I noticed that this artist was from Saudi Arabia. On a personal level, I was then really moved by this piece. My husband is an Active Duty member of the U.S. military and has been deployed to Saudi in the past. The title of this art is, "Men at Work," which reminds us of the important work done by the military. I realize that the military member is not displayed as a U.S. troop, but it still made quite the impact on me.
This piece is absolutely stunning to me! I love the contrast between beauty, as displayed by the chandelier and upper level windows, and the destruction, as displayed by what is going on behind the lower level windows and on the ground. I love to take something old and tattered and turn it into something beautiful, and that's what this reminds me of. I can imagine the manual labor being put into this scene and it's a wonderful reminder that hard work will always pay off.
Who doesn't love the ocean? The ocean, for me, is a tranquil place that highlights the beauty of the world in which we live. The sculpture paired with such beauty is unexpected and amazing. I love the cleanliness of just a round, steel sculpture in front of of a clear, blue sky. In the ocean, there appears to be coral heads coming out of the water and that reminds me of where I live, Guam.
I love photography! In fact, it is probably my favorite form of art because I love the richness of the colors that can be captured through a lens. From the color of the sky, to the vibrant colors on the arts center, and the lit up ferris wheel, I feel alive and imagine all the fun there is to be had there. Looking at the people crossing the bridge to get to the action, I find myself wishing I was amongst them.
The simple, clean lines of the photograph that highlights painted art just screamed to me. The dullness of the colors keeps the image clean and crisp, while the little pops of red and violet pull the eye in. The brick wall makes the photo feel urban, while the flower adds a country flare.
What do you see? I love this because it is abstract. I feel that we live in a world of diversity which allows us a wonderful opportunity to create whatever reality we wish. This photo, to me, allows that to happen. When I first looked at this, I saw a dragonfly and as I type this text, I see a fish. I love that about it! I think that the difference in perspective has to do with the mood I am in. I am sure there is a psychological reason behind it! I love the bright, vibrant colors of this art. It makes me feel happy as I find myself staring at it.
This sketch caught my eye right away. The wildness of the man's hair, the baldness of his head and the blank expression upon his face gave me pause as I wondered what it's origin was. Drawing seems to be such a lost art, as new artists focus on painting and photography. Although I do love new art, I have a deep appreciation for artists who can use this medium . The shading of this drawing adds depth and interest.
Although statues are not my favorite form of art, I found myself intrigued by this one. I see a powerful woman, possibly a queen, sitting on her thrown. She appears to be holding something round, maybe an apple and is tossing it into her other hand in a playful manner. He legs appear relaxed and her expression appears to be soft, as if she is smiling. He hair appears to be red in color. She is beautiful. This says to me that being in a position of power, such as that of a queen, does mean that there is no fun to be had. It's okay to cut loose from time to time.
This is far different from anything I would normally like. First, it is a painting. Second, it is dark and lacks color or contrast. However, it still grabbed my attention. I think it must be the mystery of it. I clicked on it just to see what all was going on and found that I had spent nearly 5 minutes just staring at it. For that reason, I chose it. I would like to know if that rope around the man's waste is part of his hooded costume or something that is imprisoning him. I see that the painting could be of a Catholic alter boy as well. Is he holding a holy chalice? Is that book a bible? There is a lot to look at here.
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