Shayne art 2012

I chose this because i like the color of the gold and silver
i chose this artwork because i like how peaceful it looks.
i chose this art work because it looks very unusual but at the same time it's pretty creative.
I chose this painting because it has a tropical scenery to it and I like how certain things in this image are camouflage.
i chose this art work because i like how the artist used the bright colors to attract you.
i chose this art work because the colors are pretty cool and if you zoom in closer, they have really cool patterns in them.
I like this artwork because when you zoom in you see a lot of nice details in the colors and you also see different designs when you zoom in closer i just found that very interesting.
I chose this picture because the colors are very vibrant and they have really nice designs if you zoom in closer.
I chose this artwork because I just like the scenery and the layout of the painting.
I chose this artwork because the more you look you find different thing like bizarre creatures and etc.
Credits: All media
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