style: High Renaissance ı have choosen it because skin tone and muscles are real as a fotograph.
style:post impressionism ı want to belive that the night is like that.
style:exprssionism it looks simple but it makes you thing.
style:realism It is both religious story and marjinal.the dog is part of the composition
style:cubism composition is tidy although there are intersected lines.
style:impressionism ıt is boring .ı think the painter may have joy painting this but ı wonder if people liked it.
style:mannerism ı have choosen it because it is the best represantation of venus
style:Baroque I have choosen it the costume of the girl shows the baroque age.
style: surrealist story is the oldest one but dali interpeted diferently.
style:romantism It contains a lot of actions.
style :abstract expressionism it has unusual proportion
Style: Pop Art Ihave choosen it because composition is simple but impressive
style: neo classic ı like women of Ingres.the texture of dress and details of jevellery are perfect.
style: neoclassic we see men craying here.gestures are exagerrated.
style: neo classic typical neoclassic art work ..
style:impressionism tere is no line and it has only a feww colour but depth could be seen
style: I like the story.
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