Art gods- Chris Leverette

The gallery I will represent all the art that depicts heaven/godlike paintings and sculptures. I want this gallery to take you through the religion of christianity and how beautiful the art was back in that time. Explore and expand your mind and get accustom to how the artist visualized God and The Son.

The Head of Christ depicts the head of Christ. Around his head is a crown made up of thorns. As you can see his facial features are defined by a strong light and shadows, this brings life into the art work. If you look below you will see his shoulders wrapped in what appears to be a cloth (Saint Veronica's veil). As you you go into the facial features look at his lips. It seems as though as he is speaking.When you look into Christ's face it looks as though he is troubled by something.
The Landscape with Saint John on Patmos depicts Saint John sitting in the foreground writing what we believe Revelations. You see a lot of visual paths two paths lead to water. In the back you see a bunch of trees and beyond the trees you see you see a temple. You see that Saint John is surrounded by ruins and if you look real close you see a a eagle right beside him. This painting is created with such space dealing with the foreground and the paths that you see. the main focus is John sitting in the foreground.
The Apostle Peter depicts Peter reading a book, possibly the bible as he stands with a dip. Peter looks as if he is concentrating hard trying to to make sense of something. The focus is the book. and the lines in his facial features leads us to believe that he focused on the book he is reading. You can also see him holding and object in his right hand while the book is balanced in his left hand.
In this painting, Christ in the Realm of the Dead depicts Jesus entering the kingdom of the dead. He enters with his arms stretched out as light shines upon him. To the left of the painting you see the dead or lost souls reaching out to him wanting to be saved. In the front you see this woman and man who are said to be Adam and Eve. You see Eve on her knees stretching her hands to Jesus as if she wanted her sins to be wiped clean wanting a place in heaven. If you look below Jesus he is stepping on a skull head with snakes wrapping around him.
In the Calvery by John Martin it depicts this dark scene where they are crucifying Jesus Christ. You see below this small army chanting. Up towards the light you see a man on a horse tormenting Jesus. There are also a man on the left and to the right also, hanging on the cross. The sky is falling turning black. The clouds are closing in on a city.
In this sketch The Last Supper, St Mary's Weymouth depicts Jesus and others sharing a meal. The arch in the background brings you to focus in on Jesus who is in the middle of the table. The people around him looks like they are talking and asking Jesus for something. The colors in this sketch is a relaxing and calming scheme. The way Jesus and the guy next to him hands are it gives you an illusion of movement.
The Agony in the Garden by George Richmond depicts an angel comforting Jesus. You see Jesus kneeled down on this blue cloth on a cliff. The light from above makes you focus your attention on the angel and what is her purpose. This painting is a warm painting, the dark colors gives it a deep dark feel. the angel's face looks as if she is calm and here to rescue Jesus. You can tell her hair has motion to it. Jesus face looks like he is tired and weary. If you look close it looks like Jesus has a cut on his right cheek.
The Immaculate conception depicts the Virgin draped down in this blue and red cloth. The background is light blue and she is surrounded by The lmmaculate Conception. The way she is depicted, her role is a great one, a mother figure. Which is The Mother of Christ. She has this sort of a dry look on her face. Around her head she has the sun shining on her crown. When you look below her feet you see a snake wrapped around these horns, which is said to be the horns of the moon.Below you see her hovering over this tower surrounded by this city.
In the Saint Justus Saint Paster you see these two little boys being crowned by these angels. On the two ends you see these two windows depicting two different scenes. Like it is two different worlds. Up top you see two angels, one look like she is praying the other looks as if she is sliding. In the middle if you look closely you see a lamb standing in front of the sunlight.
The Liberation of Saint Peter depicts an angel guiding Peter out of imprisonment. Saint Peter and the angel are the main focus point in this drawing. To the left of the drawing you see the guards sleeping. Also the drapery Peter is wearing is drawn with such precision. It is very detailed. The angel is giving off this light which brings this 3D feel to it.
The Glorification of the Virgin it depicts The virgin sitting holding her baby. Below her feet is a demon trying to attack her but, if you look around her she has angels surrounding her holding these instruments. On her head she wears this coronet or crown which is made up of red and white roses.
Credits: All media
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