alternate assignment 

By: Mickalyn Babcock

This vase thing is representing Lines. I was most likely made by a throwing wheel
The "head of a man" is representing Shape. It was mostly likely made by carving.
This sculpture is representing form because it is a 3d figure. I was also most likely carved out of rock.
The pot represents space because of the way they drew their people. It was made by throwing it on the wheel.
This tea pot represents color. The different colors make each other "pop out". It was also made by throwing it on the wheel.
The texture of this sculpture is represented by the legs of the "person" on it. This is most likely made by carving.
The final cermatic piece shows Value. It uses value to make the parts of the mans face look 3D. It was made by throwing the get the basic shapes and then carved out.
Credits: All media
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