Lively Tree

This gallery By Alex Gross features various artworks consisting of trees within them, particularly focusing on the influential nature of trees on other living this, including people.

This piece shows the initial growth of a tree and its entrepreneurship into the unknown.
Here, we are able to realize the influence of the tree on the new shrubbery around it.
Here, we see that a living residence was built around a tree, showing the want of people to be one with nature.
Buddhas have always been seen as a peace-driven and wholesome force, which is dually represented here, as one stands alongside a tree.
With few people come many, giving growing importance the the treatment to which we give the environment around us.
Often times, towns and societies are abandoned, leaving behind only nature to flourish.
In this illustration, one recognizes the tranquility and beauty of a seemingly empty forest.
When not providing home to humans, forestry can become a vital role in the lives of other animals, such as birds.
As more and more animals flourish in the nature around it, people may begin to return to once-abandoned places for the sake of food.
As the trees flourish, so does the shrubbery. As the shrubbery grows, so do the animal populations. As animals return, as do the human. This is a testament to the direct positive influence of trees on people.
Credits: All media
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