Perspective of Perspective

This piece by Delen Dirck shows how one point perspective can be used to show depth in a painting while being focused on a set point. The point at which everything is drawn to is offset giving it the look of greater depth.
Like it's name sake, Perspective of Gardens is a one point perspective painting of a chamber leading to a hallway to an outside garden. This perspective is centered and its depth is amplified by the trees that appear outside of the corridor.
This piece is a one point perspective of a city in which few people are seen in the streets. The point at which everything is drawn to can be seen through the center arch. 
Not all perspective is drawn with straight lines from buildings. This is an example of natural perspective. The lines in the mountain all merge to the point directly below the cloud in the center of the painting. 
I chose Landscape with a Train for my gallery because it is a perfect example of simple and pure one point perspective. Each line and shape is all drawn to the horizon.
The Poplar Avenue, after Hobbema by David Cox is another wonderful example of one point perspective. Each tree and human figure, even the background, is drawn to the man on the horse in the center of the photo. 
This piece is an example of offset one perspective. The point is drawn off to the right of the painting and more of the left side can be seen. 
This piece is a demonstration of three point perspective; it is much less common than one or two point as it is much more difficult to successfully create.
The perspective in this piece is focused more toward the left of the frame and almost looks like it goes out of the picture.
The perspective in this painting can be easily overlooked because of the large group of people in the foreground. 
This sketch demonstrates perspective in a busy city environment, we can not see the point to which all is drawn but it does exist because we can trace each line back to show its location. The point is blocked by the two buildings in the middle ground. 
This piece does not have a horizon and looks like a tile but the perspective is still in the center of the piece.
The perspective lies at the top of the highest mountain as all the mountains curves coincide with it.
Paintings are not the only art medium that can have the effect of perspective. This photo's perspective lies in the center at the mountains and it is a perfect example the tree line the clouds and even the banks of the water all center from that point.
This perspective gives us a view, as if we are standing inside of the building and are looking outside and down the courtyard.
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