The Dark Arts

This is a Dark themed gallery with pieces of art that are either very dark with color or just simply lack color.  Some will have a sadness to them whereas others will not.

This painting is of Japanese origin. One quick look at this and one would think its just a bunch of black paint put around but a closer looks shows dark trees, a dark forest.
A Gyr Falcon, a very fast and amazing bird of prey. Some Gyr Falcons are completely white and some look like this, it depends of the region. This bird here is sitting on a perch.
A nice forest road or walkway. As we look at this, we see the lights shining through the trees which makes the photo look amazing. At the end of the path, there is a person riding something.
In a dark chamber, we see St Jerome reading in a dark chamber with little light. There are items and details we can make out in the room like his big book or his clothing.
A drawing of a few flowers which look to be drawn by charcoal. There is a good amount of detail put into the flowers themselves. It is a well made and very beautiful drawing.
A royal warhorse. This horse is dressed in attire that would be seen on the field of battle or just a parade for the king or commander. There is a bit of color, the purple cloth hanging off the horse.
A painting that looks like a blob with big white eyes but really its an owl that appears to be outside in the night. This could be the perspective of an artist seeing it in the night.
A very creepy but well designed painting. The first thing we see is the face of a ghost with a very creepy look on its face. The back ground has what looks like trees and a moon.
This appears to be an old tree that has its bark all cracked and broken towering into the night sky. There appears to be some sort of light source coming from behind the artist. Possibly the moon.
The forest path itself its dark, wet and silent. it opens up to beautiful where as the forest is sad and dark. Symbolizing the light at the end of the light at the end of the tunnel.
Credits: All media
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