I can only Imagine

Welcome to my life.  These pieces of artwork are random ones that I like.  I like them for a variety of reasons ranging from how they look to how they make me feel. 

When I was a child, my family had a painting like this in our home. My mother is full Chinese and grew up in America. My father went to China for two years as a missionary. The tiger is a strong character to my family. I love this piece of artwork because of the details. The tiger looks determined. There is fog on the terrain. The tiger is the center of the artwork.
I love artwork like this because I create artwork like this. I love the colors and the simplicity. I love that it doesn't have to be perfect to look amazing.
This photograph speaks volumes. I look at this photo and see hope and strength. During the segregation in America, all minorities were discriminated against. My grandparents tell stories of how they were kicked out of places because they were "white" or because they were "colored." This side of my family is full Chinese. The color of their skin and hair confused people and people segregated them differently.
This piece of artwork reminds me of innocent children helping each other climb a tree to get to a bird at the top. The carving is hard work and I could never imagine carving with such detail. I remember trees being carved in to birds and fish after Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything in it's path. I lived in Biloxi, MS for Hurricane Katrina, which was almost ten years ago.
This painting is not just a painting to me. I hear the music. I feel the passion. I play the flute too. I love the beautiful art that is sound. I also like that this girl is holding the flute perfectly in her delicate fingers.
This piece of jewelry might not mean much to the average person, but to me it was important. I grew up with this kind of jewelry. If you break it it is bad luck. I have heard you are supposed to keep it on your whole life.
This white, simple wedding dress is so elegant. When I see this dress with this "model" bride, I think of all the emotions that must be going through her head. When I was walking down the isle for my wedding I was so happy that I could not stop crying. This is one of the happiest days of most girl's lives.
This work of art looks fun. It looks like the people are smiling and enjoying the company of each other. It also looks like they are in a competition because they have numbers on their backs. I love the movement of the feet and the dresses.
This photo is a representation of the military and what they do for all of us. I have a German Shepherd dog, a father in the Air Force, and a husband in the Navy. I am extremely grateful for everything the military does and how they protect our freedoms.
This piece of artwork represents family. I love how this family is outside and playing together. I love that they have a dog. They are enjoying family time. Family has always been extremely important to me.
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