This gallery includes representations of the almighty Greek God, Zeus, and his Roman equivalent, Jupiter, in painting, sculpture, and a other mediums. You will be able to see some of his battles as a God, the Titans, and also the Giants.

The first work of my gallery is this vase, in which its been depicted the battle of Zeus versus the Giants. It can be assumed that a great amount of detail was put into the making of it. His dimensions are h1130 m, and the medium is Terracotta.
Here we can see him sitting on his throne, not much details due to how old it is, which also explains the missing arm. Curly hair, and strong expression are some of the traits we will always see of him.
Jupiter, Zeus Roman equivalent. Here he is portrayed with a firm posture, and thunder on both of his hands. At his feet a ram, and an eagle, which is one of the many symbols that represents Zeus.
Despite this statue's size, it's still quite strong to the eye because of how he stands. Here he is shown ready to hurl his thunder, while his toga falls, the well-toned body becomes visible. at his feet is once again the eagle, the symbol of God.
As always, here he is being portrayed as a bearded man, sitting on his throne, ruling as the king he is. Originally, he would've have been holding a spear, or a thunder on his hands.
Made from metal, Jupiter, is once more shown with his well-toned muscles, exerting power. This time without his toga, his whole body is visible, and exposed.
Portrayed as a mature man with beard and curly hair. His hair here is longer than usual, but its still one of the traits that gives his sculpture life, and movement.
Here is a painting of him; beautiful and warm smooth colors. The eagle as his feet always show the power he has as God of the sky. In painting, his muscles come to life, giving him a stronger and more Godly body.
The fierce battle of Gods, Titanomachia. This war ended up with the Titans loss, which were later thrown into the underworld, Tartaros, by Zeus. This just shows once again how much power was given to Zeus in the paintings.
Jupiter's Eagle is one of the most important symbols that always goes hand to hand with the almighty God. Here we can see how much detail went into the eagle, showing his wings lines perfectly, giving it very detailed feathers.
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