Lines in Artwork

The lines in this artwork are bold, some are thin and light. There is visual movement in the work. Some of the lines have different colors. Most of the lines are vertical or diagonal.
There are implied lines on this work. Most of the lines are vertical with some horizontal.There is shading on the church between the lines. There are more lines on the right than on the left.
The lines are mostly vertical while following the road. There is shading in parts of the drawing. There is shading and emphasis on the railings of the fence and the hills in the background.
There are random lines drawn in the background. The lines are curved and vertical. There is some shading but not a lot.
There are lines that create squares. The squares then have patterns inside of them. There is never a same pattern. There are different colors and different types of bold.
There are many individual lines put near each other and together to create this image. There is shading near the hair line. There is more emphasis on the facial body parts. There are also implied lines.
There are vertical lines and diagonal lines used. There is shading used on the building.
Fall colors are used in this painting. The lines connect in the painting creating a visual of people and of the nature around them.
Different types of emphasis are used on the objects.Some objects have a darker shade of pencil while others have a lighter shade.
There is shading where the sun can't reach. Most of the lines are vertical and diagonal. Different colors are used in the artwork.
Different shaped lines are used. From curved, straight, darker and lighter. This drawing shows pain through the woman's facial expressions.
Credits: All media
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