Lester L.

Color Schemes

Vincent Van Gogh shows an Analogous color scheme with yellow-green, green, and blue-green to give it an in the moment perspective.
Claude Monet used a cool color scheme. He uses blue, violet, and green. It's mood is calm and still
Paul Cezanne creates a warm color scheme, except adding the blue sky. it ha types of yellow, red, and oranges. It gives off a serene felling of a sunset
Pablo Picasso shows a complementary color scheme by putting both blue and orange in the painting. It fives of a wired vibe that's hard to describe what it feels like.
Vincent Van Goah used a triadic color scheme. The colors he used were red, yellow, and blue. the mood created is drama.
Claude Monet shows a Monochromatic painting with the tints and shades of blue. it gives off a flowing vibe due to the painting taking place on the sea.
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