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"Every age projects its own image in its arts"                      

Lucca Madonna depicts Mary at throne, with child at her breast. It has been said that Jan Van Eyck's wife modeled for Mary's painting. The lions on the throne are also said to represent King Solomon.
Through this video you can see how this painting affects those who observe it and its time, and can learn also about the painting.
In this painting we can see the angel in the center telling that Jesus has risen from the tomb. We can see the sleeping guards, and who is said to be Mary Magdalene, but there is controversy in the gospels as to who else was there.
In this painting you can see the amazing detail Van Eyck put into all of his work. Depicting the angel Gabriel telling Mary of Jesus, we can see white lilies symbolizing her virginity, and much more.
Village fairs during this time primarily being religious, and formed around religious figures who come into town, were not this one. Pieter depicts all the people's attention focused toward a controversial play, appealing to peasants showing happy dancing not religious devotion.
The following video describes Pieter's Father's Painting, which this was solely based on.Through this you can observe the common elements and techniques used by both father and son, and see how they represent rustic peasant life.
In this video you can observe many points of view, and many of the techniques and elements used in this work.
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