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My name is Malcolm Shabazz and this gallery includes the representation of Venus, The Tower of Babel, Adam and Eve, Witches Sabbath and other Mediums. I will be discussing the various perspectives of artist in each painting. My main point is to give light on the possible thoughts of the artist during the masterpiece and what was an influencing party.

The "Thinking of History at My Space" depicts a man looking at the history before him. He is standing looking at a wall of history. He has a chair but rather stand and focus on a troubling moment. The separation in the painting is the artist using depth showing what he was really thinking about.
The "Adam and Eve" depicts a woman and man having a conversation. The male is standing open and inviting, he is trying to give the woman something. The woman stands off set, looking as if she is talking the man into what she has instead. The artist cut the width of the painting to zoom in on the relationship of the two.
"The Tower of Babel" depicts the construction of a tremendous tower. The tower is not done but it towers over the town showing how big it is. The king is on the nearest hill with the working people.The artist used depth to depict how vast the town was compared to the huge tower.
"The Fortune-telling" depicts two woman setting on an ledge. One woman is showing the other good news. The woman is not interested and is pondering something she believes to be more important. The artist used the depth of the painting to tell another story of what he felt was important.
The "Witches Sabbath" depicts a circle of woman setting around a goat. Some women are holding babies, one of the babies look malnourished and starving. The area behind them is very vast showing they are alone. All eyes are fixed on the none talking goat showing it's importance of the gathering.
The "Crucifixion with Mary...." depicts a man getting Crucified with a woman kneeled down at his feet. The artist zooms in on Jesus and Mary capturing the relationship between the two. The depth of the painting is really open. I believe this is to show how far back the black skies are.
The "Prayer Book of Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg" depicts several men and a prisoner reporting to someone in charge. The depth of the painting reveals the amount of people that wanted the prisoner locked away. The person in charge is joined by men on his side that are shocked but not in such an outrage as him.
"The Flowered Canoe" depicts a group of people with their heads down. The artist used width and depth to tell a story of closeness in this painting. The artist is showing a family in a state of remembrance, silence or prayer. The in the back is holding something unknown but the color stands out the most telling me it means something.
"The Virgin as the Woman of the Apocalypse" depicts a key woman holding a baby with angles surrounding her. Using depth the artist showed a man like being flying over all. He painted him to look some what powerful in a manner. These angles on the left are battling with serpents and fallen angles.
"The Deposition of Christ" shows a man lifeless in the arms of a woman with surrounding men and women. The artist tell the story of true emotion in the depth of the painting, showing not everyone was to concerned of the death. Above in the painting you have angles holding a Crucifix, tools and an unknown item, telling the story of who the man was.
Credits: All media
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