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An illustration of racism throughout different perspectives and the usage in history of "the other" to create enemies. As well as to make brothers enemies.

Depending on your background and influences, this anonymous soldier with a gun maybe be thought to be of a certain race. Maybe subconsciously you made a mental decision about it.
This oil painting is showing an Indian girl and a black girl and a white boy playing cards together in peace. The various races shown here represent the main ethnic races in the early U.S. This idea of being able to be together was something that Malcolm X would never agree(maybe after life)
This is a U.S propaganda picture for WW2 in which it pushes for people to buy government bonds which will "halt the Hun!"or the german soldier. Such as shown as a savage that is about to hurt a mother and child. This was part of dehumanization.
Although this is just a german helmet during WW2, this was what a soldier would think of as the enemy, just another helmet with the enemy under it. Yet on both sides of the war, the uniforms and colors were the only thing separating them. This is another usage of The Other
This is a german propaganda poster depicting the enemy not as humans but as inanimate objects which can easily be destroyed without thought.
Another USSR poster showing the emotion of the soviet soldier but just shows the enemy in defeat and in smaller size to represent a small value of life.
This is an example of a continuation of racist terrorist groups in the U.S The Klux Klan has been in the U.S since the 1700's and continues to this day. They specialize targeting the black population.
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