Jewish History in Art and Archaeology

The history of the Jewish people can be seen in works of art, and archaeological  discoveries around the world.  Some of which were produced by Jews, others by non-Jews.  This rich history can be told in works from The Arch of Titus in Rome, the Judea Captea coins, mosaics in synagogues, and so much more.  

Gates of Paradise depicts 10 scenes from the Hebrew Bible. It uses perspective and proportion to give the illusion of depth.
A depiction of Moses holding the 10 commandments. This piece achieves unity and balance with the tablets on the left and Moses on the right with his arm wrapped around the bottom holding them close to him.
House of David is the first known reference to King David outside of the Hebrew Bible.
This piece depicts a scene inside Solomon's Temple It uses perspective and proportion to give the illusion of three dimensional space. The hall and arches decrease in size to the vanishing point.
Coins minted to show victory over Greeks in relief sculpted style. Each achieves balance with its carving centered on the coins.
The Arch of Titus in Rome depicts the Roman conquest and looting of Judea. It is a relief sculpture style decorating an iconic Roman arch.
Coin depicting Roman occupation of Judea in relief sculpture style. Emphasis is placed on the Roman soldier on the left side of the coin.
Mosaic of King David as Orpheus showing Greek influence on synogogue floor in Gaza 508ce. Proportion is used to show depth as David is much larger than the animal to the right.
Mosaic on a synogogue floor Beit Sheen near the Sea of Galilee 5th-7th century. This piece uses balance and unity to represent the continued connection to Judaism and the Temple long after the Romans conquered.
Mishna Torah is considered one of the great commentaries on Jewish Law and oral tradition in history. The journey of Maimonides from Spain to Egypt is a story of Jewish history unto itself.
Torah ark curtain 1834 Prague, Czech Republic. This piece uses color contrast to highlight the menorah in the middle with red.
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