Warm Colors

In the world we go through pain, excitement, aggression and many more. This gallery showcases the colors red, yellow, orange to represent aggression, excitement,and danger.

This represents happiness and excitement to me. I like that the painting shows that they are calm and peaceful.
The dress just makes her look so sassy and I like that. It shows excitement you can tell that she is happy. the orange and red makes this art entertaining.
I really like all of the details in this artwork. You can detect the aggression and anger coming from it. There is conflict between the two men and they are angered so they want to release that anger by fighting.
By the colors and the image I can tell that this woman is either a slave that has been beating and feeling pain. At the bottom you have men that seem to be running away for something trying to find shelter.
I found this very amusing. The yellow on his teeth just shows how nasty they are, but the image is funny and a little creepy.
The yellow in the art makes certain aspects stand out and makes it an amazing picture even though it is very simple.
This is really cool the other colors help the image, but orange makes it stand out more. So many twist using the color orange makes this a cool graffiti art.
The colors show just how dedicated the workers are and different things in the image. I really like how the red corresponds in the image.
I like how they used different shades of orange to make this portrait. Like the orange and yellow and his face shows his beautiful skin tone and like light is shining on him.
I really like this because yellow goes really well with the green and makes this a beautiful painting.
Credits: All media
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