I love it

These are a few art pieces that I enjoy personally. Hope you enjoy the gallery. 

I really do like the colors and how the sky has a swirly texture. The town looks very quiet and calm. This has been one of my favorite paintings since it was introduced to me. it's very calm and meaningful.
It represents a community which I kind of like. It uses a lot of colors but the colors are kind of faded, which is different.
It uses both cool and warm colors and it has a reflection in the picture which I like. So thats why I chose it.
It uses great color and tells a little story. It also has the first president so thats cool.
Uses both cool and warm colors. But I mainly like it because I feel like thats me when everything is going wrong or if i'm about to lose it. Everything is swirling, going left and right. Just my own thought.
I like water so thats why I like this. I also like how they artist just has the older man chilling in the middle. I'm also a big fan of the colors.
Its very visual, you see every detail and the colors pop. Its very different but cool.
I play volleyball and I love volleyball. Its a perfect example of a set with a good angled picture.
I really do love the colors, it looks like it has every color ever. It catches your eye and makes you want to look. Look at the details and expressions.
It has cool colors mainly with some warm color. Yellow is the one warm color while the greens and blues are cool colors.
A perfect example of cool colors also the artist Alice used the cool colors to create shadows and she used the colors very lightly.
Credits: All media
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