Political Community Outreach art

Street art with a political message.

In this piece of art two police officers are shown embracing with a hug and a kiss. The two officers appear to be English police officers and most importantly both males. This piece reflects my theme because the subject of gay marriage has for some years now become a prevalent political issue word wide.
This picture depicts a young girl seemingly trying to float over the wall that separates Israel from the Palestinian people using balloons. The image is very obviously on the Palestinian side of the wall. This artwork reflects my theme because of the political implications of the feeling of entrapment under which the Palestinians live.
This piece depicts the word Graffiti in the form of the Coca-Cola logo. This artwork ties into my theme because it is a political commentary on the multinational corporation that is Coca-Cola and their world wide presence. It is almost calling the logo itself graffiti because it is found everywhere, while also simply suggesting graffiti be enjoyed.
This piece of art depicts the words "'No' Crack Zone". This piece of art ties into my theme because it is sending a message about the area being a crack, or drug free zone. But is that what it is actually saying? The fact that the word "No" is in quotations leaves room for speculation that it in fact is the opposite of a drug free zone.
This piece of art depicts Emiliano Zapata. This image ties into my theme because Zapata was one of if not the single most important leader of the Mexican Revolution. Zapata was also the founder of a political ideology still found in the modern day called Zapatismo.
The depicted aspects of this artwork is the phrase London Riot. The London Riots of 2011 were like so often in response to minorities and the poor feeling disenfranchised. The subject ties into my theme because it reminds people of the feelings that are shared by so many of the poor around the world that those in power often abuse that power and the poor are usually the recipients of that injustice.
This artwork depicts an image of Gandhi on the side of the Delhi Police headquarters. This image ties into my theme because it is the image of he helped lead the movement for India's independence from the United Kingdom. Gandhi preached nonviolence and so having his image on a police station building sends a message.
This artwork depicts and image of a dark-skinned version of Ché Guevara with the phrase "We Are Not a minority". This ties into my theme because it speaks to the local community by promoting a message of empowerment. It also ties into the theme because of Guevara's Marxist beliefs.
This image depicts the iconic Mona Lisa with the similarly iconic symbols of Mexican Revolution. The sombrero, the knife, the ammo belt across the chest and the butt of the rifle behind her back are symbols easily identified. The artwork reflects my theme because it sends the message that everyone has to take arms in a revolution.
This piece of art shows the word "Change" on a rainbow background. This ties into my theme because it send the message of changing our view on homosexuality. The manner in which the artwork was created with large and crisp lettering leaves little room for misinterpretation.
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