Myths of the world

My name is Cheyenne Clough and this is my art gallery about the myths of the world. Each culture has their own myth or legend that was painted beautifully to create amazing masterpieces. I chose this theme because I'm amazed by the myths of the world and the paintings created because of them. 

This painting is said to be the goddess who brought forth the harp that is well known and loved to day back in the Irish myths. This picture is absolutely beautiful to look at with the movement of the waves hitting the rocks.
This painting of Bakunawa was said to be the reason for eclipses because he would swallow the moon and make it disappear. The movement, use of space, and shape.
Magwayen is said to the goddess of the sea and underworld, taking the place of poisden and hades from the myths we know of today. This piece actually looks to be made of wood and a 3D piece at that showing movement and shapes to create it.
This is said to contain the first styir to be created, Pan. He is said to be the god of lust, also in the top corner there is also cupid and what appears to be a painting about lust, but this painting is actually not a well known one and not many know of what is to be about, but the way how the painting flows together is breath taking.
Tor, the Norse god of lightening, fighting with giants while being pulled by his two goats in his chariot. Looking at the painting I can see amazing use of space and foreshadowing.
Venus, the goddess of love and beauty is shown with her "children" or several cupids, in rapid waters, which is where she is said to be born from. This painting shows great movement of the waters and the beautiful colors that combine together beautifully.
The fall of Icarus, the son of the great wing marker, is a well known story told to children to listen to their parents or face the consequences as Icarus did when he flew to close to the sun. With light brush strokes this painting shows the story well.
Centaurs, the half-man, half-horse creature from the greeks myths. This statue depicts a Centaur standing proudly and strong and showing great movement and contrapposto of this creature.
In this painting, done on a hanging scrolls, depicts a dragon, which was known by the Japanese to control the rain and sky while the tiger ruled the winds.
This is also a Japanese myth painted on a scroll that depicts a creature that is said to eat the flesh off of humans and if you see one there is no hope for you. Also what drew me to it was the colors.
Credits: All media
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