Mythology in Motion              By: Claudia Herrera

The theme that I chose for my gallery is mythology and movement. What you are expected to see is pieces based on mythological stories or characters. Not only that, but they will be shown in poses that show anticipation, a position in which it is clearly shown that some type of action will take place, or dynamic shapes that show the illusion of movement.

The figure depicted in the piece is that of Ixion, king of Lapiths. He seems to be falling from above into a pit, with a scared look on his face.
The Norse god Thor is shown in the heat of battle against the jötnar. The way the artist depicts him in such a way that Thor seems to be preparing himself to swing his hammer at his enemies.
The figures shown in the piece are the gods Apollo and Diana (also known as Artemis). Although Diana is goddess of the hunt, the piece shows Apollo wielding the bow and arrow, sights set on a target.
By far, one of my favorite mythical stories depicted in this piece (Dante's Inferno). It is clearly showing Antaeus setting Virgil and Dante down so they may continue their journey through the circles
Son of Zeus Hercules is depicted in the heat of battle with the three headed monster Hydra. He is in a portrayed in a way that he is about to strike at this monster, showing he is in motion.
With an angel, Dante comes face to face with three beasts during his journey through Hell- a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf. More specifically, he is shown running for his life from these creatures.
While there is no indication of a living creature in this piece. However, they artist indicates motion through the smoke-like swirls in the way that the figure seems to be devouring the castle.
This book cover seems to be depicting a snake-like creature on erratic waves. Although it may have the appearance of a snake, it doesn't show an average height or habitat.
This depicts the figure known as Zhong Kui. He was known for vanquishing ghosts or other evil beings. The way he is positioned in the piece indicates that this man is walking forward while looking up.
This piece depicts the encounter between goddess Diana and hunter Actaeon. More specifically, its the moment he walks in while the women are bathing. They all shown a sense of haste while covering up.
Credits: All media
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