European art

All art works will be from Europe, but that dosen't mean I won't be explaing the art works for what they are. But that also means that I am not including just one type of European art in this gallary, or in other words it will be more than just abstact art. Any ways, injoy the art work!

even from 1789 this art work shows a detaled story within the painting, I mean try to zoom in on this thing and see what the guy did to make it detaled. I have no clue of how he did it.
the first time I saw this I thaut,"that would be a terable Trial to go thew."with all of those twists and turns gees im geting sick but thats what makes this painting so cool,no sence of diretion.
I know this has an unknown orign this peace of wood is more than your avrige carved art. also within the wood you can see curves and lines all over the place. So small but such big effert to make it.
places like London mabe crouded but what about back when they still had to farm or harvest? well this painting shows you what you would see and remeber that this is made by the one and only, Van Gogh.
Credits: All media
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