The Art of War - Sam Burton

My gallery is all about the art of war. I’m not talking about the technique of war; I am talking about the art that was made about war. War times are incredibly dark and a lot of times what come out of the art is dark as well. I am trying to capture that feeling. 

Vasily Surikov's Yermak's Conquest of Siberia it is depicting a war between people with swords and people with guns. It depicts my theme because it is showing how dark and terrible the killing is.
Alexander Pope's Emblems of the Civil War shows the clean part of the civil war. The picture makes the war seem clean and organized. It really is not and i believe it could have been used for propaganda
Alexey and Sergey Tkachev's Memories of the War is depicting the darker side of the war again. Compared to the picture before it, it is right out showing the bad parts of war. It could show someone is dead or it could represent how bad the soldiers live.
Vasilievith's In the Arctic Non-War Territory is showing an American ship coming in to dock in a peaceful territory. It looks like it could be a good thing but again it is dark. The guy in the foreground in the frame knows something is going to happen. He knows that war is coming to his place of peace.
Peter Krafft's Vojnova scena War scene is showing too warriors from two different places. The one is helping the other side because he feels bad. They know what each other is going though. They know how dark war can be.
The Turkish War Scene is a very dark looking painting. It depicts a very dark war scene. It just shows a lot of fighting and death. It is all about my theme of how war creates death and it is dark.
Knight's Ruby Loftus shows what is going on back home. It is showing all of the work that the families and wives had to go to help with the war. This one doesn't look dark but if you think about it is about being alone.
Frampton's Sir Ernest Gower is showing more of the behind the scenes of war. It is showing the few men controlling all of the others. The soldiers don't get to choose what they get to do. It is dark again because of how 3 guys are controlling many.
Thomas Gainsborough's An officer of the 4th Regiment of Foot is a painting of an officer. It goes again with my war theme. It is all about how the officer is a long and all he has is his dog.
I picked Stephen's George C. Marshall portrait because it is war themed. It is a portrait of an officer and he doesn't look very happy. I think it shows what even the officers thought after the war.
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