Color Orange

The color orange invokes feelings of warmth and happiness.

Orange is also a color that can make one feel hunger, isn't it lovely that it's fruit as well? 
I love this piece because this is something that I can see people wearing today. It is rich in color and beautiful detail. 
I love how this piece looks like it is giving off light by having the ends darker and the middle bright with oranges and yellows. 
I love this piece because it is an abstract and it could be anything to the viewer. To me it appears to be the building blocks for a plane. 
This piece is absolutely adorable. I love the color of both of the children's clothes as well as how they are playing minature instruments for their size. It gives the feeling of happiness.
I actually find this interesting because it doesn't have a title like most pantings. Therefore the art is truly speaking for itself. It's simple and brings a feeling of content.
Another abstract piece that caught my eye. The orange in the piece isn't the main focus like most of the other pieces I picked. Instead it is a beautiful accent to the more muted colors in the piece. 
I found this one intriguing, at first I wondered why they didn't just continue the piece all the way down? Now, that I have taken the time to look at it longer I feel the striped bottom adds to the piece, it brings the viewers eye up the piece, thus adding a sense of movement.
I picked this piece because I automatically saw the Grand Canyon. I can see all the ridges and the richness of the rock formations and how it all comes together to form this gorgeous landmark.
In this piece orange is not the main color, instead it adds a lovely accent to half of the piece. Like it represents the ground, the middle being the moon and off the the top left a galaxy of stars.
Even though this piece does have people, I'm not sure what I'm suppose to be seeing instead I keep looking past the crowd to the lovely ball of orange in the background. 
I really love this piece because it gives me the feeling of being home during the holidays. There is some snow on the ground and the sun is either rising or setting and everything feels calm and warm.
Cats. Already something that brings happiness (at least to me). Paired with the orange and blue that contrast each other, it just works. 
I've heard a lot of awesome things about semi-colons and how it's a sentence that could've ended but continues on anyway. Which is really inspirational, that and being paired with orange brings the feeling of closeness and togetherness. 
I really liked this piece because it first appears to be an older mat because it's use of toned down oranges. 
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