A Night At The Museum

The theme of my art exhibition is “Snow”. The snow and ice in the artworks shows the coldness. I chose “Snow” because snow is beautiful and I wanted to show its beauty, but I also wanted to show in some of the pictures the snow storms and how the snow can be hard, unclear and uncertain. Today, many people enjoy snow and play in it, making snow men, snow angels, have snow fights, snowboarding, skiing, sled races, ice skating etc. But the snow can also be dangerous including avalanches, blizzards, wind chills, suffer from frost bite or hypothermia and disrupt traffic. The snow has a fun reputation but it can be very deadly. Many of the artworks are set back in time to about the 1700s to the 1900s. Most of them are set in England particularly London, but some show the Native Americans and their traditional day to day activities. These paintings show how snow was used, what it was like for people back then to live with the snow and how it was a nuisance to keep warm. The other paintings, without people, are to show the good sides to snow, how magnificent it is, how beautiful, fun and extraordinary it is to have it around all the time. Snow is interesting because every snow flake is different and it would be impossible to find one exactly alike the other. That makes you think of all the places that snow around the world, and all the snow that falls, none are the same. The snows texture is also different in one country than it is in another. For example, The snow in England are like soft ice clumped together whereas the snow in Canada is soft and light. 

Post-Modern This painting is expressive because on the trees branches it has words. The snow falls on and around the tree making words.
Subjective The figures in this painting are working hard to cut trees for fire wood to keep them warm in the nights.
Structural This shows that the mountains are under freezing temperatures because they are covered in snow. The mountains compared to the green fields shows the difference in weather.
Cultural This painting is set on an old bridge and the famous river Thames. It shows the difference from how it looks in the modern day.
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