Beautiful art

        Blake LeJeune

This painting of George Washington happens to be oil on canvas. It was created by Gilbert Stuart in 1797. This painting of George Washington was made to show authority as the first President.
This was created in 1868 by Alexander Hay Ritchie. He used engraving to make this piece of art. It says that a lot of people passed through the room throughout the night, but this engraving shows how many people could fit in the small room.
This sculpture was made by Bessie Potter Vonnoh around 1910. The medium used is a silver bronze and I believe it make an absolute beautiful sculpture. It is noted that this sculpture "The Fan" completely functions as a study in contrasts.
The Alba Madonna is an absolutely beautiful painting that was created in 1510 by Raphael. It is oil on a panel then transferred to a canvas. This is probably one of my favorite paintings. He has Madonna dressed in antique costume of turban, sandals, and flowing robes. The colors that are used, were used on purpose to idealize classical landscape.
This sculpture created by South German 15th Century was done between the years 1480-1490. It is made of polychromed wood. This is an absolutely stunning sculpture to say the least. I love how Mary and her mother are in the center with the infant Jesus.
The artist Titian really created a master piece with this art. It is oil on canvas and it was done in 1555. In the heart of the Renaissance period came the revival of the classical past. Venus is looking in the mirror and seems to be revealing her body probably just as much as her body is covered.
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