Ancient Greek Artifacts

Here are 10 artifacts of Ancient Greece, primarily focusing on the ancient artifacts of around Homer's time.

The result of Mycenaean culture, which lingered long after the Mycenaean kingdoms' collapsed. This jar is also used for storage(Mainly for liquids, especially when shipping them).
A figurine, thought to be the statue of a Goddess due to presence in shrines and graves.
A representation of the popularity of "The woman in the window" theme during 9th - 8th centuries in Phoenician Ivory-work.
The statuette of Athena, supposedly wearing the Aegis and a Corinthian helmet and mounting a chariot drawn by four horses.
The bull with a turned head art in an ivory disc. Influenced by the Mycenaean culture.
A Mycenaean burial larnax. Known for having mourners on the sides, and sometimes, scenes of marching warriors.
An Egyptian granite column w/ Heryshef (Greek Arsaphes).
A piece of pottery, like this commonly being used in Greece obviously for the transportation of goods such as liquids or grains.
A cup from the mound of Hisarlik in Turkey, Thought to be the location of the city of Troy.
Commonly found as a safekeeper for cosmetics and jewelery, especially in ancient female graves.
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