Why War

Since the beginning of recorder history human beings have engaged in conflicts in which there are vast cases of death and destruction; and for what? Do we kill and destroy to rebirth and rebuild? Do we need to wipe the slate clean in a sense, to better appreciate what we will create in the future? Haven't we created and destroyed enough to understand what we are to be doing in life? How can we still be hurting each other like animals in the jungle with such savagery and hate? Have we learned nothing truly meaningful since the beginning of human evolution? These questions may never be answered...

"I couldn't have articulated it then, but I'd been trained to think war was the great unifier, that it brought people closer together than any other activity on earth. Bullshit. If you die it becomes more likely that I will not."
"We assume that instincts are of two kinds: those that conserve and unify, which we call "erotic" or else "sexual" and, secondly, the instincts to destroy and kill, which we assume as the aggressive o destructive instincts."
"The Upshot of these observations, as bearing on the subject in hand, is that there is no likelihood of our being able to suppress humanity's aggressive tendencies..."
"In case of great resentment, even when resolution is reached, some resentment remains. How can this be considered good?" " The way of heaven takes from what has excess and augments what is deficient. the way of human beings is not like this."
"Fine weapons are inauspicious instruments; All creatures find them repulsive. At home a, a cultivated person gives precedence to the left. At war a cultivated person gives precedence to the right. Weapons are not the instruments of a cultivated person"
"What excites and interests the look-on at life, what the romances and the statues celebrate, and the grim civic monuments remind us of, is the everlasting battle of the powers of light and those of darkness; with heroism reduced to its bare chance, yet ever and anon snatching victory from the Jaws of Death" -William James
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