7th grade reaserch

Gaia is a famous street artist from Baltimore Maryland. He was born in 1988 in New York City and has become famous for his large scale murals on the sides of large buildings. He started doing street art when he was only in high school in New York City. After he graduated he moved to Baltimore and started to paint bigger and with more detail. Once he became more well known he got offered for his own exhibit in Chicago. After his first he was offered another also in Chicago. Third he got is own exhibit of all his work in New York City. He then went back to Baltimore to start the open walls Baltimore project. This project took new street artist and had them work together to create amazing murals in the city of Baltimore. This event was so big that even the mayor of the city of Baltimore attended the unveiling ceremony. IN 2013 gaia, jaz and other well-known street artists were invited to Cape Town, Africa to paint huge murals on walls for all residents to see everyday. Once he was invited to this event people began to invite him to do murals in Montreal, Richmond, Bushwick, Rochester and other cities all around the world. I decided to choose Gaia for my project because I think his artwork is very good and interesting to look at. I also like his artwork because not every painting is the same and most of them are completely different from each other. Nowadays Gaia is one of the most well-known street artists in the world and has recently traveled to Houston, Texas to do a mural in the city. Unlike most artists Gaia has not done anything that is illegal and has always asked for permission before painting on nuildings and sometimes houses. This is why I chose Gaia. 

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