The pieces that I have selected are base off what caught my eye meaning. Pieces either caught my eye because of color or how they are made.

The reason why I picked this specific piece is because I really like how the horse is colored the white is really bring out the painting and the pieces that on the horse the gold, the man and his outfit. -Antonio 
 This is one of my favorite pieces because the artist caught everything. It is showing the sky the grass the woods the lake the dead trees, what it showing me is how deep the color . The artist only used certain colors and it showed I really like this piece. - Antonio  
The color in this painting is really showing a lot to me because the color is bright and bold. It caught my eye because there in the clouds and the angles are at peace while clearly there a war going on at the bottom of the painting.-Antonio
This is another piece that I really enjoy because the artist actually caught the motion of the women moving and the wind blowing towards them. It not a lot of color to say that what caught my eye. The woman was actually what caught my eye and there white dresses an the ocean. - Antonio
Why did I pick this piece? The reason I picked this painting is because the land is what draw me to the painting because it showing the land in a different way even thought so much is going on clearly the land remains beautiful. That is way I picked the piece - Antonio 
The reason why I choose this one is because of the texture and the color. The picture is very calm and relaxing I liked how he use nothing but calm colors you really don't see bright colors. - Antonio
The color in this piece is really bright and bold. I really like this photo even if it  have a horrible leader such as Napoleon. The horse is even color perfectly i really love this artist for this picture. - Antonio
This is another favorite piece of mine because I love greek mythology. Even though it not a painting it dose show color it really caught my eye because of the posing in the photo and how the where made - Antonio
This is wonderful painting to me because of the landscape and the dull color. it shows a over all view of the city or palace it caught my eye because of the landscape.- Antonio 
The piece right here says a lot to me because it shows calm colors to bright and bold colors really. I believe the artist knew exactly what they were doing because they picked the opposite of colors for example red and blue there outfits says a lot to me also. The color is wonderful. - Antonio
 This is one of my favorite also because by looking at this photo it spokes a lot. The color the division of the painting is just wonderful the color helps you  think more about the painting when you look at it. the colors are wonderful - Antonio
This piece is very detailed the artist painted used a lot of warm and hot colors. Because you can tell that the people are nerves to approach the man in the chair which may be the king or someone high in command. The colors really shows how nervous the people are. - Antonio
This piece right here shows a mother or a grandmother in the prime of her life you can tell by the photo / Color that it was a family portrait because there all dressed up and her dress and the little girl dress is matching with red. it a wonderful but mysteries photo because you can't really tell what is happening in the photo - Antonio
When I look at this painting it shows it really makes me wanna go to the beach because of the colors. The color that the artist use is very calm the ocean really it just makes it the center piece well to me it is because that was what caught my eye and the horse getting up out the water .- Antonio
I just look at right now the colors are bold and very bright. When you click on the photo you really get to see the photo then the colors get better I can really say i would i stare at this for a very long time because the painting says a lot. Just by the color the artist picked. 
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