One Point Perspective

I have neither given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work. -Marissa Carter

There are people, buildings and a bridge in the foreground, and in the background more buildings, people and hills are visible.
The women are standing in the foreground of the image, and buildings are in the middle and back ground.
In this image, there are trees in the fore/middleground and hills in the background.
Because the photo is of a busy city street, the fore, middle and background all have people and buildings in them.
In this image, there is a tree and some people in the foreground, and in the background hills and fields for farming are visible.
There are two people in the foreground, stairs and a house in the middle ground, and trees and another house in the background.
The people in this image are all gathered in the fore and middle ground, and an open field and hills can be seen in the background.
In this image, tress are spread throughout the fore, middle and background.
A temple-like building with tall columns covers the fore/middleground in this piece, and most of the background as well, and a field and the sky are visible at the very back of the piece.
The stadium full of people and dancers extends through the fore, middle and background.