Let's become Famous - Ann Urian 

What is the best way to get your name out there for the world to know? Posters! One of the best ways of advertisements is using posters and hanging them around town. In this gallery you will find musician poster through out many decades. Notice the changing of color, contrast and style of art throughout the years. 

This Poster was made in 1911. It is the oldest poster in this gallery. It is a very simple yet complex piece. The thick bold lines give contrast to the man figure in the middle of the poster.
This poster is for a classical music concert. It is very elegant and soothing to the eye. The contrast between the warm colors of the figure makes it pop with having a cool color background.
During the late 60s and early 70s was the hippy revolution. It is conveyed in the contrast of blue to pink, the bubble letters and the movement of the text.
Also during the late 60s woman were becoming more free with their bodies and doing what they wanted to do and not what the man wanted them to do. That is demonstrated in the figure's outline.
Also during the late 60s many people were on drugs. That is illustrated in the floating heads with crazy eyes and a cloud of smoke above. We also see bubble letters and the different pattern of text.
In the 70s Blues music was very popular. This poster is very clean and straight forward with the information about the concert. The lettering is more sharp and large font.
Here is another poster from the late 70s. It is also straight forward with bold, clear text, a pop of color and classic style. The gradient color from orange to blue make the white letters stand out.
This poster is a play off of the US Army propaganda poster. By using another poster style it made this poster more recognizable. The red letters are easy to read with the teal background.
The iconic classic black shoe and white sock was made famous by Michael Jackson and his dance moves. By adding that to this poster it gives the viewer an idea what how up beat and pop kind of night it is going to be.
This poster is more modern with the bright red hair and watercolor style. The black of the hair and clothes makes her face stand out. The hair flowing to the left leads the viewer's eyes to the name in the top left corner.
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