renaissance Perspective

By: Sarah Gerhardt 

1. was a leading exponent 2. possible stage set or short-lived decoration 3. shows a good knowledge of the classical language 4. speak for contact with Italian developments
1. ideals of urban planning 2. Roman arch as commemoration of victory at center 3. architecture/sculpture commissioned by a ruler who cares 4 welfare of citizenry 4.Classicizing elements in foreground
1.exceptional depictions of space 2. ideal variants on urban spatial organization 3. illustrations of constructions with a central perspective 4. parallels with perspectives of this work.
1. preaching from an outdoor pulpit on the facade of a church 2. focus attention on the crucifix at the centre of the composition 3. artist is unknown 4. was a Franciscan friar from Siena
1. shown full-length 2. The distorted image of a skull slashes across the foreground, 3. distorted perspective known as an anamorphosis 4. transfer an image section by section to an elongated grid
1. restored in Neo-Gothic style 2. places the chapels in succession on one side within solid perspective framework 3. depiction of all the architectural and decorative details 4. romantic architecture
1. bourgeois clientele 2. Romantic zeal 3. enhance their proportions, 4. lunette in the upper part of the far wall, a polychrome stucco relief
1. learned about perspective and watercolours 2. w43 x h55 cm (without frame) 3. realism painting 4. sat down and drew the streets of Paris.
1. The subject gave scope for the realism of the painting. 2. sombre symbolism 3. representation of light 4. looking along a nave or aisle to a central vanishing point
Credits: All media
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