The Beauty of Color


I really like how well the colors are patterned in this painting and how well it is distributed. you can even see little color of patterns the artist on the hat.
I really love the different variations of colors used in the painting. I also really like nicely colored this piece is.
What really make this portrait a beauty is how well the colors make this scene. I really like the transitions from light to dark colors.
This painting is my favorite because of how well the colors are nicely done and well portrayed.
there is no blending of colors in this piece but I still really like how simple it is.
The style this artist chose to color this piece was magnificent. I really like how the artist colored the ocean from light blue to dark blue and how well colored the landscape is .
The colors shown here makes me feel at home.
this portrait is really nice because it is telling me that you can make a painting beautiful just by putting colors on top of colors with out blending it.
This portrait is amazing because it shows the illusion of painted colored dots far away but if you look closer the leaves on the trees start to form.
I feel like this beautiful painting shows the true nature of color because well done the dressed was colored.
I feel like this piece is trying to show us an image using colors.
the colors depicted in this piece is just simply amazing.
This is my second favor piece of art because of how colorful and random this painting is. I feel like this painting did a very well done job showing of each color.
I picked this painting simply because of how well done the black is on that statue and my favorite color is black.
The colors on this piece did a really good job setting the mood in the painting.
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