A Walk through New Orleans

In this exhibit, i have captured the essence of New Orleans. I grew up there so i wanted to show just how beautiful the city is. A lot of people get the wrong vision of New Orleans, so i hope to change peoples minds with this exhibit. You will see different types of art work that capture different parts of the city.

The picture shows a corner store in New Orleans. Here you can buy anything you want. Po boys, candy, soda, snow balls, and many more. Corner stores in New Orleans are known for selling everyone's favorites.
In New Orleans the home structures are much different from home structures anywhere else. I love this photo because it really captured the right colors, just like the houses have in new Orleans.
Everyone knows that New Orleans is known for there jazz music. This picture shows a group of artists playing together, they are called the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.
New Orleans funerals are one of a kind. At the end of funerals all family and friends second line through the streets of new Orleans with live jazz bands and umbrellas,celebrating the life of there lost one.
I chose this photo because it captured a beautiful image of university that was located in New Orleans. This university is no longer there so it stands as a part of New Orleans history.
I love how in the photo, it not only shows how New Orleans displays some of its art through graffiti, but also this is the magnolia flower. The flower of the state and a flower that many streets in New Orleans get its name from.
This captures the essence of the french quarter in New Orleans. A major tourist destination, and also the heart of the city.
This is another moment in history. In the background you can see canal street which is a major shopping area for everyone. This also shows a protest that occured in the streets of New Orleans.
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