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In this piece that people are chaotic. They afraid and stressed. It brings to light that we should live our lives with purpose ad meaning. We should do good and love others. The thought of judgment scares them . We should not be afraid of judgment day but rejoice in the coming of the new world
The people here are so consumed in their own lives they are missing the beauty that surrounds them. They all appear to be in a hurry or have something on their mind. Because they are overtaken by their own thoughts, wants and needs they are overlook the beautiful, artful buildings that surround them
If you look closely these are flowers. I find beauty in them. They are happy. Each petal has an intricate design making it unique. No two petals or flowers are exactly the same.
I love that the woman is lack proportion. She is curvy, tall, has wide hips and strong arms. She is a working woman. A woman that can relate to the women of today. She is not stick thin and does not have an idealistic body but she is very real. I can relate to this. I feel like woman of today, the imperfect women, should be better embraced.
This is a one against four battle. Yet the one comes in riding a leopard and has ten arms to defeat his oppressors. I find encouragement through this. It reminds you that even though you may have many things attacking you, you are stronger than your struggles. Sometimes we get caught up fighting with two arms and we forget about the other eight we can be fighting with. This photo gives me thoughts of strength.
I believe the artist was watching a sad and happy day when he painted this. For some of the people he was overlooking they were sad. They were saying goodbye to loved ones while standing in the pouring rain. Others were rejoicing at the arrival of loved ones that had been gone. I think to watch the overflow of emotions would be a humbling experience.
These boys are so carefree. They no nothing of the danger or evils of the world. They find joy in the little things. This reminds me of my childhood. I grew up on the river and I loved playing in the mud and finding "new creatures" in the water. I appreciate the innocence of the boys.
This picture reminds me of the stillness in the morning. Right as the sun comes up, when it is still a little chilly outside, the morning dew is on the grass and the fog almost merges with the ground. I find mornings like this so quiet and peaceful. I believe the artist found a certain serenity in these mornings.
This is my happy picture! Everything about this makes me smile. The colors of the flowers are all fun and bright, the boy face seems to have a faint smile and the cat is strolling around carefree.
This photo shows the pain of aging. This couple looks old and worn out. They have worked through life and been beaten by the world which is evident by their wrinkles, her sagging chest and prominent rib bones. They have large hands and feet which probably means they worked with their hands doing difficult manual labor. They almost look to be dying.
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